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Spiritual Life Coaching

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What is Spiritual Life Coaching?


A session with Lesley is all about becoming the best version of you and that looks different with each session.

Whatever you are going through or want to achieve in life, coaching will help you to navigate your journey. 

Lesley is not here to tell you what to do and how to do it. Lesley is here to guide you to your destination

with you looking at the many possibilities, to overcome the obstacles that you are facing in your life. 

Each session will be different whilst looking at each core subject Mind Body and Spirit.

Lesley takes a very Holistic approach to your well-being and looks at each section of the whole of the person.



First consultation is 1hr 20 long

Each session thereafter is 1 hour long

Each session is online via Zoom, FaceTime,

WhatsApp or face-to-face.

contact me for prices

What My Customers Say

I have seen Lesley on numerous occasions whilst going through some obstacles in my life. Its only when she starts talking that the whole room seems to relax. she has such a clam tone to her voice and really listens to you. she is a great lady with lots of knowledge and wisdom to her. A very special soul. Thankyou

Lesley really does give sound advise and has helped me overcome my past difficultes. Her very nuturing ways feel like she really does know you on a deep level. she has worked her magic for sure.

B Newman

M Townend

If i could describe Lesleys sessions i would have to say just magical with her words. there has been lots of light bulb moments of things that i didnt even think of with blockages that i had. what a marvellous woman. i would definatly reccommend her for all lifes ups and downs. 

A Humphreys

Believe in the magic - you never know it may work....

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