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Long Distance Energy Healing

For those clients unable to travel I offer distant healing. Distant healing is as powerful as healing in person. A brief discussion about the nature of the presenting issues held beforehand so that I can focus on healing where necessary. A fixed time is agreed and all that is required is for the client to be in a state of relaxation and without any interruption for the duration of the session before the session starts. This will ensure maximum benefit. Feedback is exchanged following a session.


Payment upfront will be required at the time of booking, this can be via PayPal or bank transfer.



1 hr session


What My Customers Say

The healling was amazing even though Lesley wasnt there in person! very powerful

Linda R (USA)

I was a bit Sceptical at first how this would work but oh my goodness. As soon as i relaxed and Lesley was sending the healing over my body was tingling all over. Definatly reccomend

 Susuan J ( Netherlands)

Wow incredible healing for a painful pain that i had. As soonas Lesley explained what was going toh appen i could feel my back almost move! So surreal.

Kris M (Austrailia)

No matter how near or far, the healing continues

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