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At Sole to Soul, we offer a variety of guided meditations designed to connect our clients with their inner selves and the world around them. Our spiritual practices are aimed at helping clients find balance and center within themselves. Lesley, the founder of Sole to Soul, embodies the divine feminine and her loving energy is reflected in every practice. Our calming and nurturing practices are designed to bring a sense of tranquillity and inner peace to our clients' minds and bodies.

Lesley leads a monthly circle that is open to all females and all abilities. our circle supports you to become more connected to your inner wisdom whilst balancing the mind body and soul.


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Meditation by the Sea

What My Customers Say

This workshop was so beauiful in every way. The way Lesley facilitaties the day is just beautiful. We learnt so much. Well worth the time and money

Jo Long

When I first went to the Relaxation and Meditation classes met Lesley and I said to her I think you have your hands full with me. She asked why and I replied I have always been an active person always on the go and I was a carer for my wife for four and a half years. My head was always buzzing with things. Sadly my wife passed away in March 2013. I started classes with Lesley in April. As the months went by the classes got better and better, it made me feel so much easier to deal with all the problems I had including my sleeping and how to relax when needed to.This lady is very professional and I would highly recommend this therapy to anyone.

N Buckeridge

In 2013 I will remember as being a particularly special one for me as I met Lesley. I have had a very difficult time caring for my mother and along with I attended Lesley's Relaxation and Meditation Course. Lesley taught us over several weeks many wonderful skills and tips to help us learn to relax our tired, aching and stressed out bodies and minds. We were taught the importance of breathing correctly, as well as taking control of our mental thoughts, to an extent where my own mind, unbelievably, thought of absolutely nothing for a while! At the end of I felt an overpowering sense of emotion. I do not cry easily but found tears streaming down my face - therapeutic tears. My body felt amazing. It was an incredible experience both mentally physically and spiritually. I personally journeyed through incredible experiences entirely due to Lesley's extraordinary skills and craft together with her unique and gifted nature. For I will always remain indebted and forever grateful to you Lesley!

V Wells

When you change the way your look at things, the things you look at change

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