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Sole to Soul

Welcome to The Natural Healing and Well-being Sanctury for Women

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I hope you find it of some interest and allows you to open your mind to the world of a more natural way of thinking to heal your mind body and soul. I hope you decide to come and experience the journey of nurturing the body back to health through one of my wonderful treatments.

Located in Storrington, West Sussex for treatments and workshops.



I am passionate about helping women create a balanced mind body and soul through the therapies that I offer.  Mentoring and helping you achieve your dreams is all part of what I do through coaching, workshops, and 1-1 sessions. Enveloping you in a warmth of love and calmness helps create that special environment that I have achieved for over 25 years

Lesley literally transformed my life in one session.

A. Keeping

Golden Dust

Multidimensional Energy / Reiki Healing

Using crystals, guided spiritual healing and quantum healing to balance and restore the body

Long Distance Energy Healing

Because there is no time or space with energy, this healing is done via the waves of the universal energy


This system activates the body's own balance of energies to help restore it back to balance

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Image by Conscious Design
Burning Candles
Three Women

Healing & Gong Sessions

This combined healing session is 5D healing with gong sound therapy. 


My guided meditation sessions create a safe space for you to 'just be' 1-1 or group sessions.

Reiki Workshops

Begin the journey into self healing and healings others

What My Customers Say

I have worked with Lesley over a number of years and her treatment has transformed my life. When I first met Lesley I was struggling with a number of issues but even after one session I was instantly transformed and ever since her work has opened up a whole new quality of life for me that has impacted on my personal and professional life, the results have been nothing short of amazing. Lesley's approach is utmost professional and very focused and I could not recommend her highly enough.

A Keeping

I was trying for a baby for a year with no luck, then saw Lesley’s advert. From the very first Lesley made me feel so relaxed. I had sessions on a regular basis and the knowledge and information Lesley gave me brilliant, just the slightest changes of and certain vitamins to take such a difference. Lesley is such a calming person who has really helped me and I have continued to see Lesley on a regular basis through my pregnancy. Lesley is such a caring person and I would recommend anyone to try her treatments. I would like to thank Lesley for all her help and support over the last year, I don’t think of Lesley as just someone with healing hands, but also a caring friend too.

L Jones

After the Psychic Surgery session on Monday, I had my first decent nights sleep in months, I woke refreshed in the morning. Although I have general aches and pains from another illness I have, my spine seems to have improved for which I thank you and your spirit doctors for helping me. To give you more confirmation you mentioned my liver and pancreas. Well for a few months I had been getting acute stomach pains and I am having an ultrasound next week. As you moved up my spine your Drs accurately described my whole spine and neck where the problems had been diagnosed. I would love to see you again for I have every faith you can help me.

M Townsend

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